Lisa Haisha

Life coach, personal counselor to some of the most powerful and successful people in the world. Author, TV Personality, Philanthropist, Originator of “Soul Blazing”, a powerful counseling technique.

Lisa Haisha is the personal counselor and life coach to some of America’s biggest Hollywood stars and executives, as well as some of the business world’s most successful executives. She is also the co-founder—along with her husband Lee Aronsohn, Co-Creator and Producer of the #1 show on television, “Two and a Half Men,” and “Big Bang Theory”—of Whispers from Children’s Hearts Foundation, a non-profit that provides therapeutic services to children in impoverished and war-torn countries.

In the psychology world, Haisha is known as the originator of “Soul Blazing,” a personal development technique designed to achieve clarity, productivity, and inner peace for CEOs, managers, and those in high-stakes, high-stress positions of authority. Soul Blazing teaches individuals how to identify the 8 “Imposters” that live inside everyone and that stop them from projecting their Authentic Soul, the truest and strongest version of themselves. The Impostors include: your Inner Narcissist, Over-Thinker, Philosopher, Sex

God/Goddess, Clown, Wounded Child, Counselor, and Fixer. By teaching people how to tame their Impostors, Haisha helps individuals improve their lives by improving themselves. The result: professionals learn to “blaze” the barriers that leave them feeling disconnected, intellectually bored, lonely, and unfulfilled in their careers.

Perhaps that’s why Haisha’s client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of America’s Hollywood elite and includes actors, writers, directors, and executive producers involved with hits like CSI Miami, Two and a Half Men, ER, Party of Five, Twin Peaks, The Bold and the Beautiful, 90210, and blockbuster movies like Pulp Fiction, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Batman, and numerous others.

Lisa’s leadership and success principles can be read in her monthly columns for Beverly Hills Times magazine and The Huffington Post. The founder of the Soul Blazing Sanctuary in Sherman Oaks, California, Lisa’s monthly weekend and quarterly five-day workshops have been attended by leading Hollywood elite and professionals seeking transformational change. Lisa Haisha’s international Soul Blazing retreats have also been held in Tanzania, Peru, and Costa Rica. Her highly sought after keynote speeches have been delivered to corporate and private groups on multiple continents and elite cruise lines, such as Crystal Cruises.

A frequent guest on national radio and television shows like FOX News, Haisha’s published works also include Whispers from Children’s Hearts, a five-year work based on interviews with hundreds of children from across the world. Mark Victor Hansen urged readers to read the book to “hear your heart whisper.” Author and speaker Robert Allen hailed the book as “an amazing insight into the world we live.”