Dr/Rev. Jamal Bryant

In every generation, God selects a leader with a voice to empower his people; Jamal Harrison Bryant is that voice for this generation that speaks a language that can be understood in the streets and the sanctuary.  His voice is being used to empower people socially, spiritually, economically, educationally and expose them culturally.  Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant is one of the lead voices for this generation; this is evidenced by founding Empowerment Temple in Baltimore City with 43 members meeting in his living room for bible-study. In under 10 years, he moved to a college auditorium, then to a high school and now pastors a 12,000 member church in two locations.

A voice that is recognized on TBN, BET, and TV One, being the first pastor serving as a spiritual voice on reality television, having been featured on “K-Ci and Jo-Jo Come Clean”, and “Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger.” He is the leading African American ministerial voice on all social networks with over 149,000 followers.  What an incredible voice that can testify failing the eleventh grade, getting a GED, and then on to graduate from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International.  He also received a master’s degree in divinity from Duke University, and achieved a doctorate degree in theology from Oxford University in England.

A clear voice that speaks globally, having established a church in West Africa, two Charter Schools one in Baltimore and another in Liberia, A family life Center, opened a Youth Development Center, and gives over $100,000 annually in scholarships for education.   His compassion led him to send 17,000 pair of shoes to Haiti after the earthquake, gave $100,000 to Hurricane Katrina victims and has preached across the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.  He is the author of several books most notably World War Me which won the African American Nonfiction Literacy Award, a testimony of his failures and his favor.   An empowering voice that many call pastor, leader, activist, and his daughters call father. Jamal Harrison Bryant is a voice that history will not soon forget.