Dr. Lawana Gladney

Dr. Lawana Gladney, success psychologist and life expert, and emotional wellness doctor is a renowned speaker, author, and media personality who shares her message of success and wellness with audiences across the nation.  Like many women, she has a career, an advanced education, is a successful business owner, and mother of four children.  And like the typical woman, she has juggled all of these things while dealing with the emotional drainage of life’s everyday issues.

Formerly an elementary, middle schoolteacher, and college professor, Dr. Gladney developed many programs and spent several years researching the concepts of motivation and success, and is a true expert in her field.  Her ability to connect with the audience coupled with her energetic style is an explosive combination that leaves the audience wanting more.  She is currently the top five most requested speaker in the Meeting Professional International organization which consist of over 23,000 meeting planners and suppliers.

As CEO of Emotional Wellness, Inc. Dr. Gladney has presented her message to millions around the nation. She has worked with many of the nation’s fortune 500 hundred companies including, IBM, AT&T, PepsiCo, Aetna, Texas Instruments, Pitney Bowes, U. S Coast Guard, Freddie Mac, U. S. Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, and many others.  She also works with individuals as a success coach helping individuals manage their lives personally and professionally.  Those areas include life balance, relationships, stress management, motivation, business, and leadership. She is a television personality and has been a co-host of a cable show, a residential expert for Insights on Fox 4, as well as interviewed by several local and national TV shows.  She was featured on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Michael Baisden and Al Sharpton Radio Show as well as many others.  She has also appeared as a guest expert on Washington Watch with Roland Martin and Baisden after Dark national television talk show.

She has been featured in the Dallas Morning News as well as other national magazines.   She has contributed to articles for several magazines including, In Touch magazine to offer advice to celebrities such as Tom and Katie Cruise, and Brad and Angelina.

She is author of four books including If I Have to Tell You One More Time…Six Keys to Motivating Your Kids, You Can’t Be Sick… I Have to Work; 50 Tips to Emotional Wellness for Working Mothers; and For Men Only; 50 Tips to Power, Women, And… (Ebook).  She is contributing author of four books  Conversations on Faith; Student Success Stories, 15 Winning Ways to Better Living, and the bestseller -Good Is Not Enough, and other Unwritten Rules for Minorities in Corporate America, by Keith Wyche. Get ready for her new book soon to be released, “If You are in the Driver’s Seat, Why are you Lost”? – A GPS Guide to Ultimate Success. She is also the creator of Success Coaching in a Box, an audio series that helps you become successful in every area of your life.

As a leader she has served on several boards and is the founder and past president of Young Educated Sisters (Y.E.S., Inc.), an organization established to help deter teenage pregnancy through empowerment, and is the founder and executive director of a non-profit organization for women, The Six Million Dollar Woman’s Club.

Dr. Gladney Topics

Employee Morale and Motivation

How to do Life and do your Job

Keeping Your Leaders Motivated and Balanced in the Unpredictable Times and how they can Motivate Unpredictable Employees (Management –to Senior Level)

Stress and Life Management

Leadership Development

Attracting and Developing Women of Color in the Workplace

Emotional Wellness in the Workplace

10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know to Boost your Productivity