Eric Morris

Eric Morris is a firm believer in the saying that there is always a diamond in the rough. His own story is a strong testament to that belief. He grew up in a church as the son if a pastor and minister, however living in the inner city of Chicago offered many challenges throughout his life. Eric began to give in to the negative environment of his community and made some poor decisions.

Eric took his second chance and decided to change his life for the better. He returned to college, played basketball and became an educator. Upon graduation, Mr. Morris tried out for many professional basketball teams ranging from the NBA to international teams. Landing a job as Rockford College men’s basketball team assistant coach, he was able to reach back and recruit talented players from underprivileged areas. Eric fully embraces the coaching spirit and uses it to mentor, coach and teach young people that anything is possible with hard work and discipline.

Currently, Mr. Morris is sharing his gift with the Chicago Public School system by teaching, coaching and mentoring students around the city. Over the past year he has helped youth and organizations learn teambuilding skills, cultural and athletic diversity and overall success in athletics, academics and accountability. However, his passion is developing the morals and mindsets of young men to rescue them from the pitfalls of gangs, drugs and poor academic performance.

Eric Morris has been nominated for Teacher of the Year at ACT Charter School (3rd place) and for Who’s Who Amongst America’s Teachers in 2005. He is president of Everlasting Greatness and Motivation (EGM) Inc., a motivational enterprise that serves to inspire people and communities across the globe.

Today, Eric Morris gives youth and adults the encouragement, hope, and tools to overcome all inner and outward obstacles that keep them from achieving success and victory in their current situations and lives. It is his sincere desire to bring his inspirational message of change and determination to the masses.