Ephren W. Taylor II

Hailing from the small town of Carlisle, Mississippi, Taylor utilized his talent, insight and drive to become the youngest African-American CEO of a publicly traded company in 2006.

Ephren Taylor City Capital CEO on CNBC’s Big Idea 
Ephren Taylor On Montel Williams

City Capital Corporation (stock symbol: CTCC), a socially conscious financial investment com­pany and small business incubator, em­phasizes community self-empowerment and wealth building while leveraging in­vestments, holdings and assets to build value for shareholders and investors. In 2007, he was named by The Michi­gan Chronicle as one of the years “10 People Making a Global Dif­ference”—an honor he received alongside such notables as former Vice President Al Gore and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Described as “walking history” by popular radio show host Tom Joyner, Taylor is an inspirational businessman and leader. At age 12, he started his first business venture by teaching himself how to program video games from scratch. About his young ambition, he says “The discipline necessary to achieve was instilled in me by my family. My parents made me believe that I had the ability to accomplish anything.” By age 17, Taylor developed and sold a multi-million dollar technology company tapping a then wide-open market by providing an advanced online job search engine for high school and college students.

As a “business accelerator” Taylor oversees millions in assets serving a diverse clientele of blue chip, private and multi-tier branding development interests and is engaged in building investor and shareholder value through profitable and socially-conscious investing that empowers urban communities. Thus far he’s successfully developed multi-million dollar initiatives ranging from creating affordable housing for working-class families to the development and production of bio-fuels.

Through his action on green energy and philanthropy, Taylor is leading a new wave of CEO’s focusing on corporate social responsibility. Under Taylor’s direction, nearly every company and initiative he has worked on has experienced accelerated growth.

Taylor’s business expertise is both expansive and diverse, lying in technology, finance, energy and major real estate transactions. He has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, Fox News’ “Bulls & Bears,” CNBC’s “The Big Idea,” and The Montel Williams Show, among others. Taylor is considered a celebrity wealth strategist, and is the host of “Creating Success,” an inspirational financial awareness television program currently reaching over one hundred million viewers weekly on the Word and BET networks.

In addition to his business success, Taylor is a 2009 Wall Street Journal best-selling author. His debut book Creating Success from the Inside Out shares the inspiring story of his success, and offers motivational concepts and tools to achieve one’s own dreams. Taylor is currently on a national wealth tour (www.wealthtourlive.com) an international 30-city tour promoting economic empowerment for the church community, youth entrepreneurship, adequate retirement planning, and socially conscious investing to rebuild America’s promise. The tour brings together private investors, educators, nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, and government leaders to create positive change in local communities.

Taylor’s bright personality and infectious enthusiasm is trumped only by his life’s purpose: “You can impact the community and change it for the better—that is worth so much more than a check. Money can come and go, but changing somebody’s life? That’s priceless.”