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Mind, Body, and Soul of Personal Responsibility

Mind, Body, and Soul of Personal...

Mind, Body, and Soul of Personal Responsibility by Candace Doby In this period of increased educational abandonment, health-care chaos, and religious paradox, the idea of personal responsibility reigns. These challenges elicit opportunities for individuals to nurture themselves and subsequently decrease their dependence on external forces to do so. As Father’s Day nears and America prepares to celebrate men who... Continue »
Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

By Candace Doby Practice makes perfect. It’s a familiar adage that many people abide by to learn to ride a bike, play a sport or cook a dish. Being great at something first requires a certain level of familiarity with the chosen subject; for example, a person who wishes to be a great violinist must become intimately knowledgeable about... Continue »
The Strength of a Woman: Celebrating Women’s History Month

The Strength of a Woman: Celebrating...

By Candace Doby Men depend on her support. Babies covet her touch. Friends need her ear. Employers seek out her intelligence. And the world relies on her love. She walks with grace, talks with intention, bends to obstacles, rises above defeat, and stands with confidence. There is nothing quite like a woman—a strong woman. Leave it to a woman... Continue »
Social Media 101: Equates Client Cohesion

Social Media 101: Equates Client...

by Tracey Smith Technology changes on a day to day basis, the sheer anticipation of what new gadget will be promoted at the next electronics expo or visit to your local Best Buy, is better than a trip down the “yellow brick road”. There was a time when customer intimacy was developed utilizing more archaic means, i.e. phone calls,... Continue »
Top Ten Tips For Great Speeches

Top Ten Tips For Great Speeches

by Martine Charles How do you start a great conversation? And, most importantly how do you keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say? In business, and in sports, the most successful players are those who are able to speak well and express their ideas. Advertisers and sponsors are galvanized, and fans can’t get enough.... Continue »