Shaun Derik

Nationally acclaimed public speaker, Shaun Derik has traveled the world inspiring both the young and the old to greatness by demanding more of themselves. Derik, also a former Business Development Officer, spent three years helping young entrepreneurs find their footing in the competitive New York market. He then branched out to start his radical youth-aimed campaign, DREAMSoNG, a concept that uses popular music to illustrate one’s role in the dreaming process.

Shaun Derik | Turn PAIN into PROFIT

Shaun Derik the Speaker for the Dreamer presents DREAMSoNG

A former struggling student, barely able to pass any of his classes, Derik was once told that he wouldn’t amount to much. “When someone tells you who they think you are, it is a question not a statement.” Derik explains. “It is up to you to answer yes or no.”

Derik then made a choice; He would only listen to encouraging words and would only associate himself with those who were healthy for his future. “We have so much noise in our lives that doesn’t need to be there. I CHANGED MY MUSIC… AND THAT CHANGED MY WORLD.”

After high school, Derik studied Hermeneutics and public speaking at LFBI Seminary in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. He then began his career as a youth director at his church and quickly grew to be widely recognized as the Speaker for the Dreamer.

His commitment to the youth has resulted in his becoming one of New York’s most sought after public speakers servicing clients like Future Business Leaders of America, Pride Youth of America, Youth to Youth International, Bermuda Counter Drug Task Force, and R.Evolucion Latina an affiliate of Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.